UK-based digital start-up Prospect 100 has successfully raised €700,000 (£600,000) in funding to further enhance and expand its platform, solidifying its position as the go-to platform for brand co-creation. With past collaborations involving renowned luxury goods company Kering and watch brand Swatch Group, Prospect 100 aims to bridge the gap between brands and creative talent on a global scale.

The injection of funding will allow Prospect 100 to propel its growth and establish itself as the largest platform for creativity worldwide. Currently, the platform serves as a meeting point for corporates, charities, and public organizations to connect with freelance and professional creatives, enabling efficient crowdsourcing of innovative designs and enhancing audience engagement. CEO Harry Beard firmly believes that co-creation is the future of effective brand-consumer communication and anticipates it to be a key focus for organizations in the years to come.

This latest funding round was co-led by BlackWood Ventures, QVentures, and esteemed entrepreneur Ferdinand Ahorner. The support from these influential entities demonstrates the confidence in Prospect 100’s potential to revolutionize the way brands and creatives collaborate.

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