UK clothing brand Henri Lloyd has announced that it will be shifting its business model to focus on direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales, rather than selling through third-party distributors and retailers. The decision to go D2C is driven by Henri Lloyd’s desire to make its products more affordable by cutting out the middlemen that often drive up prices.

In an Instagram post, the brand stated that by cutting out the middlemen, consumers can expect to see permanent lower prices, with an average savings of 40% off traditional recommended retail prices (RRPs). This move is expected to result in significant savings for customers. For example, a product that used to sell for over £100 may now be priced well below that level, while a jacket that previously retailed close to £700 may now be around £400.

Hans Eckerström, chairman and majority owner of Henri Lloyd, described this development as “exciting” and emphasized that it allows the brand to offer premium products at attractive prices. By shifting to a D2C model, Henri Lloyd demonstrates its willingness to adapt and innovate in order to build a stronger future for the brand. This approach will give the brand greater control over the customer experience, from product design and manufacturing to marketing and sales.

The decision to go D2C comes at a challenging time for the UK retail industry, with the COVID-19 lockdown measures causing temporary closures of physical stores and shifts in consumer spending towards essential goods. Despite these challenges, Henri Lloyd remained proactive during the lockdown period, emphasizing that it was “open for business.”

By cutting out intermediaries, Henri Lloyd not only lowers prices for consumers but also maintains a closer relationship with its customers and can respond to their needs more effectively. This move reflects the brand’s commitment to making its premium products more accessible to a wider range of consumers.

In a rapidly evolving retail landscape, businesses need to be nimble and strategic in order to thrive. Henri Lloyd’s decision to go D2C and offer lower prices sets itself apart as a forward-thinking brand that is ready to embrace change and deliver value to its customers.

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