In response to concerns over reduced financial support, the UK government has unveiled a new support package to assist businesses and individuals affected by the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak has introduced additional measures to address the difficulties faced by businesses in Tier 2 areas, where restrictions are stricter than usual but not as severe as a full lockdown.

Some businesses in Tier 2 areas have even suggested that they would fare better in Tier 3, where temporary closures are enforced, as this would grant them access to financial support. To tackle this issue, the government has implemented monthly cash grants, enhanced assistance for the self-employed, and made changes to the upcoming Job Support Scheme (JSS), which replaces the previous furlough scheme.

Recognizing that businesses not forced to close are still experiencing significant economic uncertainty, the government has made adjustments to the JSS. Before, employees had to work at least 33% of their usual hours to qualify for support, with employers contributing an additional 33% for the hours not worked. Under the new scheme, employers will only need to cover a minimum of 20% of the hours actually worked, and their contribution for hours not worked will decrease to 5%. The government will cover 62% of wages for hours not worked. Importantly, the JSS is available to both small and large businesses affected by the pandemic and is accessible across the UK, not limited to England’s Tier 2 areas.

In summary, the UK government has introduced a comprehensive support package to aid businesses and individuals affected by the second wave of the pandemic. By offering monthly cash grants, enhanced self-employed assistance, and revised terms for the Job Support Scheme, the government aims to alleviate the financial burdens faced by businesses in Tier 2 areas and ensure that ongoing economic uncertainty is addressed.

To learn more about the UK government’s support package, you can visit the official government website [insert link:]. Additionally, for detailed information on the Job Support Scheme, you can refer to the dedicated page on the government’s website [insert link:].