UK Reopening: Concerns Arise Over Exclusion of Facial Treatments in Beauty Salons

England has announced the reopening of beauty salons, nail bars, spas, and gyms as part of its plan to ease lockdown restrictions. However, amidst this lifting of measures, there is a sense of disappointment among salon owners as they discover that they are forbidden from offering any facial treatments. While gyms are set to reopen on July 25, beauty salons are allowed to resume operations but are specifically prohibited from conducting treatments involving the face. This exclusion has left many businesses in a state of uncertainty, unable to fully operate for almost four months.

The exclusion of facial treatments has sparked concerns within the beauty industry. Vanita Parti, founder and CEO of the renowned Blink Brow Bar chain, expressed her frustration upon receiving an email from the British Beauty Council, which informed her that her business would not be able to reopen as anticipated. Parti emphasized the need for consultation with salon owners prior to making decisions that would have such a significant impact on their businesses.

Salon owners were taken aback by this unexpected decision to disallow facial treatments, resulting in the cancellation of numerous appointments. This only adds to the existing challenges faced by businesses in the beauty sector.

While the reopening of beauty salons is a positive development, the exclusion of facial treatments highlights the ongoing concerns within the industry. Professionals are eager for clarity on when they can fully recover and resume normal operations. The continued closure of brow bars and other facial treatment services could severely impede the revival of the beauty sector, which heavily relies on these services for revenue.

It is crucial for policymakers to carefully consider the implications of their decisions and consult with industry experts prior to implementing restrictions. The beauty industry is a vital contributor to the economy, and disregarding the needs and concerns of salon owners could lead to dire consequences. As other businesses strive to adapt to the new normal, it is essential that the government provides clear guidance and support to the beauty sector, ensuring its successful revival.

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