Unbound Group, the parent company of Hotter footwear, has successfully launched its curated multibrand platform as scheduled. The platform is specifically aimed at Unbound Group’s core customer demographic, which consists of individuals over the age of 55, and provides a selection of partner brands. The expansion of the platform for the Autumn/Winter season is expected to be finished by September.

During its initial launch, the platform includes the Hotter brand along with seven partner brands specializing in complementary specialist footwear categories. These partner brands include well-known names like Birkenstock, Boody, Geox, Hush Puppies, Muck Boots, Rohan, and Skechers.

Unbound Group plans to gradually add more partner brands to the platform between now and October. These additional brands will further diversify the platform’s offerings by including apparel and other specialist footwear categories. The group has implemented a capital-light approach for partner brand relationships, operating on a drop-ship model with a fixed percentage commission paid for each sale.

In the fourth quarter, Unbound Group will be expanding into wellness categories. Additionally, the company has announced plans to launch its own Unbound apparel range in the second quarter of next year. Unbound Group is actively exploring opportunities for additional partner brands and is currently in advanced discussions with potential partners. The selection process for each potential partner brand is thorough and takes into account factors such as relevancy, desirability, specialism, and sustainability. Through these collaborations, Unbound Group aims to fulfill the diverse needs of its customers.

Furthermore, Unbound Group is investing in the development of its Mirakl-integrated site to enhance the functionality and technology, providing an improved customer experience on the platform.

Overall, Unbound Group’s curated multibrand platform presents an exciting opportunity for customers to discover and purchase a wide range of brands across various categories. With its ongoing expansion plans and the introduction of its own apparel range, Unbound Group is poised for significant growth and success in the fashion retail industry.

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