Under Armour’s EMEA unit is taking steps to revolutionize its customer experience by establishing a digital hub at its headquarters in Amsterdam. This bold move means that the company will not be reopening its physical office locations in Manchester, Munich, Paris, and Barcelona. While specific details about the impact on jobs and remote work were not provided, Under Armour emphasized that this digital transformation will align with their vision for account management, foster sustainability by reducing physical samples, and create better opportunities and support for remote working.

The decision to create a digital hub in Amsterdam showcases Under Armour’s proactive approach in adapting to new ways of working amidst the ongoing global situation. The hub will be a remarkable blend of physical and digital elements, with a strong emphasis on digital connectivity to cater to both in-person and remote selling functions. Cutting-edge digital assortment planning software and portable hardware devices will be incorporated for the EMEA sales team, establishing an environment that sets new industry standards.

This move aligns with a growing trend of digital transformation within the fashion industry. Other prominent brands like Diesel, Marni, and Jack & Jones have already embraced digital showrooms and online collection meetings. Under Armour’s digital hub is a reflection of their commitment to revolutionize their operations and stay ahead in an evolving industry.

As part of Under Armour’s global reorganization, the digital hub in Amsterdam will serve as a central location for EMEA’s commercial functions. This strategic decision will allow the company to not only develop and enhance their digital capabilities throughout the region but also streamline their operations for better efficiency and effectiveness.

In conclusion, Under Armour’s establishment of a digital hub in Amsterdam signifies their dedication to improving the brand experience for customers. By embracing digital transformation, the company is evolving alongside the changing trends in the fashion industry and setting a new bar for excellence. This move aligns with their global reorganization efforts and will position them as leaders in the EMEA market.

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