Unilever, a global consumer goods company, has reported positive results in its third-quarter financial report. Despite a drop in overall turnover, primarily attributed to currency effects, the company has achieved a 4.4% growth in underlying sales, amounting to a total turnover of €12.9 billion. The beauty and personal care division played a significant role in driving this growth, generating a turnover of €5.3 billion. Within this division, there was a notable 3.8% growth in underlying sales, primarily fueled by a 3.5% increase in volume and a 0.4% increase in price.

One particular area that experienced substantial growth was the demand for hand hygiene products. As consumers became more concerned about maintaining proper hygiene amidst the ongoing pandemic, the sales of skin cleansing products saw an impressive 19.9% increase. This surge in demand was largely attributed to Dove’s entry into the antibacterial segment and the expansion of Lifebuoy into new formats and channels in Europe. However, the skincare and deodorants categories faced declines, largely due to the restrictions imposed during lockdowns.

On the other hand, the hair care unit displayed overall growth, although there was a decline in sales of styling products. This decline was compensated by increased sales of wash and care products, as consumers directed their attention towards taking care of their hair at home. Additionally, the prestige business segment also demonstrated positive growth. As health and beauty channels began to reopen, the success of Unilever’s expansion in the prestige beauty market became evident.

CEO Alan Jope commended the company’s strong performance but acknowledged the unpredictable operating environment in the near term. Despite this uncertainty, Unilever remains committed to prioritizing competitive growth, profitability, and free cash flow. The company also emphasizes the importance of maintaining agility in response to ever-changing market conditions. These positive results clearly reflect the resilience and adaptability of Unilever in the face of a challenging market.

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