Unilever Ventures and True Beauty Ventures have recently joined forces to make their initial foray into the fragrance industry by investing in the ethical and sustainable fragrance brand, The 7 Virtues. This investment will provide The 7 Virtues with the means to establish an office in New York, expand its team, increase its presence within Sephora, and meet the rising demand for its products.

Founded by Barb Stegemann in Canada back in 2010, The 7 Virtues has gained recognition for its premium, long-lasting fragrances and its dedication to promoting period equity. In fact, the brand’s growth has outpaced that of the fragrance industry, with a remarkable revenue increase of over 80% in FY 2023. Unilever Ventures’ partner, Anna Ohlsson-Baskerville, expressed enthusiasm about teaming up with The 7 Virtues and commended its sustainable approach to fragrance creation. It is important to note that Stegemann will still remain the majority shareholder of the brand even after this investment.

The 7 Virtues currently offers its fragrances, including captivating scents like Vanilla Woods and Cherry Ambition, exclusively on its website and at Sephora retail stores in 18 countries. With a clear vision to empower women and drive meaningful change through their philanthropic endeavors, the brand has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the fragrance industry.

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