Unilever, the well-known consumer goods giant behind brands such as Dove soap, has taken a groundbreaking step towards combating climate change. In a move that is claimed to be the first of its kind by a major international business, Unilever is allowing its shareholders to have a say in its climate change action plan. This decision demonstrates the company’s commitment to transparency and accountability when it comes to its efforts in fighting climate change.

Unilever plans to seek a “non-binding advisory vote” from shareholders, giving them the opportunity to voice their opinions on the company’s ambitious emissions reduction targets and the strategies it will implement to achieve them. The climate plan itself will outline how Unilever intends to reduce emissions within its operations and throughout its value chain. It will also address how the company is managing climate change-related risks and meeting the changing needs of consumers in response to this critical global issue.

As a significant player in the beauty and personal care industry, Unilever believes that meaningful engagement between companies and investors is crucial for successfully transitioning to a net-zero emissions economy. By sharing its climate transition plans and inviting shareholder input, Unilever aims to promote transparency, accountability, and dialogue. Furthermore, the company hopes that its actions will inspire other businesses to follow suit.

The science-based targets outlined in Unilever’s plan include achieving zero emissions from its own operations by 2030. Additionally, the company aims to reduce the average footprint of its products by 50% by the same year. In June, Unilever further reinforced its commitment to addressing climate change by setting a new target of achieving net-zero emissions from sourcing to point-of-sale by 2039.

Unilever’s CEO, Alan Jope, stressed the urgency of the climate crisis and expressed the company’s determination to lead the charge in transitioning to a zero-carbon economy. He acknowledged that while Unilever has already established comprehensive climate commitments, the true measure of success lies in effectively executing those commitments. Recognizing the growing interest from shareholders in understanding the company’s strategy and plans, Unilever aims to provide more detailed information to its shareholders.

Unilever’s decision to involve shareholders in its climate change action plan is a significant development within the corporate world. By embracing transparency and accountability, the company sets a powerful example for others and reaffirms its commitment to environmental sustainability. Through collaboration with investors, Unilever hopes to accelerate progress towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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