Unilever’s recent report highlights a strong performance in the prestige beauty sector during the first half of the year. The company successfully raised prices and was able to pass on these increases to consumers, resulting in a notable rise in sales. The underlying sales growth for this period was 8.1%, with a significant portion of that growth (9.8%) attributed to price hikes, and only a slight volume sales deficit of 1.6%. This growth was observed across all divisions of the company.

One of the key drivers behind this sales growth was the increase in prices. Higher prices were evident in various areas, and these price rises were seen across the entire product range. In the Beauty & Personal Care division, sales increased by 7.5% to reach €12.2 billion. This growth was fueled by the higher prices as well as a strong performance in the Prestige Beauty and Health & Wellbeing sectors. Out of the overall 7.5% rise in sales, 9% was attributed to the price increases, while there was a slight volume deficit of 1.3%. Unilever noted that the price increases were particularly significant in Latin America, South Asia, and Turkey.

Within the Beauty & Personal Care division, the Prestige Beauty unit continued to experience double-digit growth. This unit saw success with the launch of Tatcha in the UK and expanded its presence in premium channels in China. Skincare also saw growth in the low single digits, with Pond’s performing well in India but declining in China. The Skin Cleansing unit returned to growth, with Dove benefiting from the higher prices, although volumes remained flat. Premium innovations in North America also contributed to Dove’s performance. Haircare experienced mid-single-digit growth, driven by India and North America, but faced declines in North Asia and Europe. The Deodorants unit delivered double-digit growth, thanks to ongoing premiumization efforts and the launch of innovative products like the 72-hour protection technology for Rexona.

Looking ahead, Unilever remains optimistic about its performance in the prestige beauty sector. The company plans to continue focusing on innovation and offering premium products to drive growth. With its ability to successfully raise prices and its strong performance in key markets, Unilever is positioned well for continued success in the beauty industry.

For more information on Unilever’s performance in the prestige beauty sector during the first half of the year, you can visit the official Unilever website [link] and access their report [link].