Retail company Urban Outfitters, Inc. has announced the temporary closure of all its stores worldwide in response to the coronavirus pandemic. From March 14, popular brands under the company’s umbrella such as Anthropologie, Bhldn, Free People, Terrain, Urban Outfitters, and Nuuly have ceased operations, while its e-commerce and subscription businesses will remain operational.

The decision to close stores was made to prioritize the safety and well-being of the communities Urban Outfitters serves. Recognizing the global impact of the COVID-19 virus, the company emphasized the importance of protecting its loyal customers and dedicated associates. As a result, all stores around the world will be closed until further notice.

Urban Outfitters has also implemented internal measures to combat the spread of the virus. Corporate employees who can work remotely have been transitioned to remote work arrangements. For those unable to work remotely, shifts have been established to reduce the density in corporate offices and promote social distancing. Additionally, the company has increased the frequency of cleaning protocols and is prepared to conduct thorough cleanings as needed.

This proactive approach mirrors the actions taken by other retailers and brands, including Nike, Glossier, Everlane, and Patagonia, who have also temporarily closed their stores to protect customers and employees.

During the closure period, Urban Outfitters has made the commitment to pay its store teams. This gesture provides financial stability to their employees during these uncertain times.

Urban Outfitters’ decision to close all its stores worldwide underscores its commitment to the well-being of its customers, employees, and communities. By implementing precautionary measures and supporting its employees financially, the company aims to contribute to the control of the virus and ensure the safety of everyone involved.

As the situation with the coronavirus continues to evolve, it is expected that more retailers and brands will follow Urban Outfitters’ lead and temporarily close their doors. These measures prioritize public health and safety, demonstrating a collective effort to overcome this global challenge.

For more information on Urban Outfitters’ store closures and COVID-19 response, please visit their website here. To stay updated on the latest news and guidelines on COVID-19, please refer to the World Health Organization’s official website here.