Luxury fashion designer Vera Wang has recently entered the beverage industry with her own premium Italian Prosecco brand, called ‘Party’. Known for her iconic style and creative eye, Wang has created a chic bottle design for the Prosecco. The bottle features a sleek matte silver design with the word “Party” in bold neon yellow letters, along with an invitation from Vera herself.

Wang chose to produce her Prosecco in the top winemaking region of Piemonte, Italy, and partnered with Araldica, a renowned winemaker known for producing the best-selling Moscato in America. Led by second-generation winemaker Claudio Manera, Araldica is recognized for its innovative approach to winemaking.

‘Party’ Prosecco is made from 100 percent Glera grapes and offers a delightful combination of aromas, including apple and stone fruit, along with citrus notes. It has a refreshing acidity on the palate and a soft, fruity finish. Priced at $25, this Prosecco is the perfect choice for celebrations and special occasions.

For Vera Wang, ‘Party’ Prosecco is a natural extension of her work as a designer who shapes how people celebrate. Throughout her career, Wang has ventured into various industries, including publishing, fragrance, beauty, accessories, and home decor. She believes that ‘Party’ Prosecco complements her existing portfolio. Wang elaborates, “First and foremost, I am a designer, but I am also an entrepreneur and brand builder. I’ve dedicated my entire life to designing how people celebrate, and not just their weddings – from what they wear to how they entertain, from their tableaus and tablescapes, to how they live at home – and now, what they drink! Party is a natural extension of what I already do.”

When asked about her choice of Prosecco, Wang stated, “Celebration! When I think of romance, fun, laughter, joy, friendship, I think of Prosecco. It is the wine that personifies emotion and sheer happiness.”

Vera Wang’s career has been nothing short of remarkable. After gaining fame in the bridal industry for her exquisite wedding gowns, she successfully launched a highly acclaimed ready-to-wear collection. Her contributions to the fashion industry were recognized when she received the title of “Womenswear Designer of the Year” by the Council of Fashion Designers of America in 2005.

With the introduction of ‘Party’ Prosecco, Vera Wang continues to expand her creative boundaries and bring her unique touch to various aspects of lifestyle and celebration. This new venture is sure to be a hit among those who appreciate the finer things in life and want to elevate their party experience with a touch of Vera Wang’s style and elegance.

For more information on Vera Wang’s ‘Party’ Prosecco, visit her official website here.

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