Vetements, the influential fashion brand founded by Demna Gvasalia and Guram Gvasalia in 2014, has recently announced a “secret project” that has piqued the curiosity of the fashion world. Although the brand did not showcase a new collection during Paris Fashion Week, it managed to create quite a buzz by launching a new Instagram account and releasing a tantalizing teaser video.

The teaser video, filled with captivating visuals such as cityscapes, barcodes, blooming flowers, machinery, and concertgoers, ends with an enigmatic eye symbol and the announcement of a launch date set for July 22, 2021. This mysterious project has left fashion enthusiasts speculating about what’s to come.

While the new brand remains unnamed for now, it is said to draw inspiration from traditional menswear and sartorial tailoring. However, it will cater to individuals of all genders, promising a gender-inclusive approach. In a press release, the brand is described as “a brand without a logo, but recognizable from far away. A brand that doesn’t exist, but is missed already. A brand from tomorrow, based on yesterday, on today.” This enigmatic description only deepens the intrigue surrounding the upcoming launch.

Beyond the introduction of this new brand, Vetements has even more ambitious plans in store. The Gvasalia Family Foundation is in the process of establishing an experimental laboratory and multi-dimensional platform for nurturing young talent. This platform aims to redefine the typical co-working spaces and challenge the traditional structures of conglomerates. It will provide talented individuals of all ages with mentoring, technical development, production support, supply-chain assistance, distribution services, and even financial aid. By doing so, the platform hopes to empower creatives to freely develop their brands without the burdens that often come with being part of a conventional fashion conglomerate.

Guram Gvasalia, the CEO of Vetements, acknowledged the difficulties that emerging brands face when starting from scratch. Beyond the creative aspect, starting a brand involves acquiring funds for production, purchasing fabrics, completing paperwork, and various other necessary tasks. Moreover, many brands feel frustrated when their creative vision becomes overshadowed by the influence of corporate structures and merchandising teams. This new platform aims to tackle these obstacles head-on, prioritizing collective efforts over individual success. It will support multiple brands with distinct aesthetics, placing an emphasis on filling the gaps in the industry’s current creative landscape. By doing so, the platform hopes to prevent conglomerates from acquiring and diluting these unique styles, transforming them into mainstream trends.

What makes this secret project even more intriguing is that it aims to extend beyond the world of fashion. Guram Gvasalia envisions involving talented individuals from various industries to collaborate and create innovative products and concepts. As an example, he highlights the recent launch of a vegetarian burger at the Moscow concept store KM20, showcasing the brand’s larger vision. By collaborating across industries, Vetements believes that it can achieve far more and create exceptional experiences.

As the launch date for Vetements’ new brand draws near and the Gvasalia Family Foundation’s platform takes shape, the fashion world is eagerly anticipating the unveiling of this transformative endeavor. With its focus on nurturing talent, stimulating creativity, and challenging conventional industry structures, this secret project has the potential to disrupt the fashion industry and redefine its future.

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