Vetements, the renowned Zurich-based fashion brand co-founded by Demna Gvasalia and Guram Gvasalia in 2014, has recently launched a new project called ‘VTMNTS’. With this venture, the brand seeks to redefine traditional luxury in the fashion industry and offer a fresh perspective.

The debut collection for VTMNTS is a Spring 2022 menswear collection that boasts an impressive 100 looks. This extensive range of designs serves as a symbolic representation of the brand’s unwavering commitment to the fashion industry and showcases their dedication to pushing boundaries. The collection features genderless styles that draw inspiration from traditional menswear, and introduces a distinctive brand element by replacing the iconic Vetements logo with a barcode. This innovative branding move aims to create a unique identity for the brand.

Described as “a collection of silent, long-term luxury,” the VTMNTS collection showcases a diverse range of garments that include leather blazers, skin-tight t-shirts, loose fitted trousers, puffer jackets, and accessories such as sunglasses crafted by highly skilled jewelers using solid white and yellow gold. The brand’s dedication to superior quality is evident in every aspect of the collection, with exceptional attention to detail and a genuine passion for craftsmanship. VTMNTS aims to redefine the concept of luxury for the next generation by offering garments that are executed in the best possible way.

The unveiling of VTMNTS comes after weeks of anticipation and speculation, with Vetements teasing a “secret project” through a mysterious video and a private Instagram account during Paris Fashion Week last month. The fashion industry, often dominated by large conglomerates, can make it challenging for emerging talents to thrive. VTMNTS recognizes this power imbalance and aims to create a revolution in the industry by establishing brands that operate under new rules and provide opportunities for innovative designers.

It is worth noting that VTMNTS will operate as an entirely separate entity from the main Vetements brand. While the two projects will share certain resources and expertise, VTMNTS is designed to operate independently. The brand emphasizes that it is created for individuals who dress for themselves rather than seeking validation from others. VTMNTS is meant for those who value craftsmanship, high quality, and appreciate the absence of overt branding.

In conjunction with the brand launch, the Gvasalia Family Foundation has announced a new initiative that will support emerging talents in the industry. This initiative will offer mentoring, technical development, production assistance, supply chain management, distribution support, and financial aid. This support will help nurture and empower aspiring designers to overcome the challenges they may face and establish themselves in the competitive fashion industry.

Overall, VTMNTS is poised to challenge the traditional notions of luxury and offer a fresh perspective in the fashion world. With its unwavering commitment to exceptional quality, unique branding, and support for emerging talents, VTMNTS aims to carve out its own distinct place in the industry.

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