VIA Outlets, the operator of premium outlet malls, has raised €600 million through its first-ever green bond issuance. This bond attracted significant interest from institutional investors, with 190 orders totaling €3.6 billion. This overwhelming response demonstrates the confidence these investors have in VIA Outlets’ business and their commitment to sustainable investment.

The primary use of the proceeds from the green bond will be to refinance a substantial portion of VIA Outlets’ outstanding secured debt. This move not only improves the company’s financing and maturity profile but also diversifies its funding base and reduces average financing costs by more than 50 basis points. This reduction brings VIA Outlets’ average financing costs to less than 1.7%, strengthening its financial position.

In addition to its financial benefits, the green bond issuance supports VIA Outlets’ growth strategy for the future. CEO Otto Ambagtsheer underlines that this milestone initiative enables the company to redefine the outlet shopping experience and drive its growth strategy, centered around the 3 R’s: remodelling, remerchandising, and remarketing. This aligns with VIA Outlets’ sustainability strategy, ‘Beyond Sustainable,’ which aims to future-proof its centers through digitalization and sustainability.

Alongside the green bond, VIA Outlets has secured a €100 million revolving credit facility with several banks. This credit facility provides additional financial liquidity and flexibility to support VIA Outlets’ operations and growth plans.

Investor engagement with VIA Outlets’ green bond issuance highlights the increasing importance of sustainable investments in the fashion and retail industry. As the first outlet owner-operator in Europe to issue a green bond, VIA Outlets demonstrates its commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation.

With the successful completion of its green bond issuance, VIA Outlets is in a strong position to continue its expansion and deliver a superior outlet shopping experience that prioritizes sustainability. The company’s solid financing foundation and focus on growth strategies ensure it remains a prominent player in the premium outlet market.

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