All VIA Outlets locations have now reopened for business, including the recent reopening of Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet. The company, which operates outlet malls across Europe, has seen a positive response since reopening, with higher sales per visitor (SPV) at most locations.

VIA Outlets’ centres have been gradually reopening since the end of April, and the company has experienced a 25.1% increase in SPV compared to the same time last year. This surge in sales can be attributed to pent-up demand for shopping after a prolonged period of store closures, as well as a preference among shoppers to visit retail destinations where social distancing is easier.

Outlet malls, like those managed by VIA Outlets, typically see strong visitor traffic and sales, especially after a period of lockdown. Many retailers in Europe are dealing with excess stock accumulated during store closures, and VIA Outlets is actively collaborating with brand partners to find solutions for stock management. This includes providing additional space within their centres on a temporary or permanent basis, as well as opportunities for pop-up stores in new centres, giving retailers a chance to test their offerings in new markets.

CEO Otto Ambagtsheer remains optimistic about the future, acknowledging the challenging times the industry has faced but expressing excitement about having all centres open and trading again. He is confident that the desire for physical outlet shopping in a safe environment is stronger than ever.

VIA Outlets, which is partly owned by Hammerson and APG, saw brand sales increase by 8.4% to €1.16bn last year. Despite the difficulties brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company’s strong performance after reopening indicates a promising recovery for the retail industry as a whole. With safety measures implemented at all locations, VIA Outlets continues to offer a safe and enjoyable shopping experience for customers.

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