You’ve probably heard of Pierre Jeanneret, Michel Ducaroy, Le Corbusier or Alvar Aalto but don’t really know what’s their associated with… Vintage Designer Furniture curator L’Appart Vintage explains why the market for vintage designers is now booming and why you should probably get hold of a few pieces before it’s too late…

What’s L’Appart Vintage?

L’Appart Vintage is a collective of vintage design furniture curators. Since 2018, they’ve been sourcing the rarest and most exclusive pieces around the world to bring light and beauty to people’s homes.

Where is the booming interest for vintage furniture coming from?

L’Appart Vintage: Firstly, the major catalyst has been the COVID pandemic that has forced people to stay home. Thus, they’ve had to rethink of the way they were living, and that eventually pushed them redecorating their homes to feel better and purchase unique pieces. And by talking about unique pieces, we think about rare pieces. Most of the famous furniture designers have now passed by and left behind their names and legacy.

This comes to the second reason why the demand for vintage furniture is booming: scarcity. The fact that pieces during the designer’s lifetime have been produced in limited quantity make them as appealing as a famous painter’s artwork – actually furniture is art too, right?

What are the most wanted/popular vintage furniture pieces?

We’ve seen a lot of demand for the 20th Century Ettore Sottsass Mirror Ultrafragola for Poltronova during the pandemic. This is thanks to influencers showing it in their posts as it’s quite a masterpiece brightening their bedrooms or living rooms. Then, we’ve seen a growing demand for Pierre Jeanneret and Alvar Aalto chairs, Le Corbusier Chaises Longues, the Eames Lounge Chair and the Togo sofas.

For people who have significant budget, they’ve particularly been recently attracted by some Jean Prouvé chairs, Ueli Berger’s De Sede DS-600 Snake, or Mario Bellini’s Camaleonda Sofa Composition.

Do you have any recommendations for people who’d like to start buying their first pieces?

Never forget that design is not just an object with a beautiful shape but it is an object that first of all must be functional, the combination of these two characteristics makes a product a design object. Avoid copies of design objects and counterfeits: a vintage object is definitely much more interesting as it denotes a personality, a story and a whole soul! A copy always remains a copy while a particular vintage object can give a unique touch to your rooms!

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