Visual artist Sarah Bahbah, renowned for her widely followed Instagram account, is making waves in the fashion industry with the launch of her own brand, Lazy Cake. The brand’s inaugural collection features vibrant sweat sets that aim to redefine the notion of laziness.

Lazy Cake firmly believes that achieving balance in life is essential and that feeling lazy is not something to be ashamed of, but rather a valid and necessary emotion to embrace. Through their collection, they aspire to challenge society’s perception of laziness and empower individuals to do the same. In their own words, Lazy Cake is “redefining what it means to be lazy” and encouraging everyone to embrace this feeling without guilt or shame.

The highlight of Lazy Cake’s collection is their sweat sets, available in a range of five captivating colors: bubble gum pink, highlighter green, navy blue, red, and black. Each set consists of a matching sweater and bottoms. What sets these pieces apart is the incorporation of cheeky and relatable messages on the sweaters. These bold messages, including phrases like “I’m not available for the emotionally unavailable” and “wine is the only one I can trust,” pay homage to Bahbah’s distinctive artistic style, which often includes evocative subtitles alongside her images and short films.

Manufactured in Los Angeles, each sweat suit set is priced at $240 and caters to a diverse range of sizes, from XS to 4XL. Bahbah herself explains that the motivation behind Lazy Cake was to defy the pressures of the “grind” culture. She proudly proclaims, “I’m a badass boss bish, AND I can also be lazy AF. That’s what these sweatsuits represent to me.”

For Bahbah, Lazy Cake’s sweat suits symbolize rest and rejuvenation. They serve as her uniform for taking a break and granting herself the freedom to relax without any sense of guilt or shame. She hopes that others will adopt the same mindset when wearing Lazy Cake’s pieces.

Pre-orders for these coveted sweat suits are currently available and will continue until December 14th on the brand’s newly launched e-commerce page at With its vibrant colors, playful messages, and message of self-empowerment, Lazy Cake’s debut collection is set to captivate individuals seeking both style and comfort.

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