Waistcoats is quite of a trend we didn’t really see coming. Although we spotted it already at a few fashion shows recently – including Saint-Laurent, Dior, The Row, and Céline – we wouldn’t have thought this would become a “must-have” in 2021. Indeed, the searches for “waistcoats” went significantly up over the past few months, and we actually love it.

While the trend was at its peak around 2007 when Kate Moss was showing up quite frequently wearing waistcoats, celebrities such as Bella Hadid readopted it, and fashionistas around the globe quickly followed.

Even though there are no rules with what to wear them with, we have a soft spot for wearing it top. If you really want to wear it layered, we would recommend it on top of an oversized button-up shirt.

Here’s our niood selection of the Most Beautiful Waistcoats of 2021: