Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, is reportedly making significant changes to its operations in India by letting go of around 50 executives. This move comes as the company faces hurdles in expanding its wholesale business in the country.

Currently, Walmart operates 28 wholesale stores in India, catering exclusively to small shopkeepers rather than retail consumers. However, this model has not seen the desired growth, particularly impacting the executives in the real estate division.

According to an anonymous source, the reason behind these layoffs is Walmart’s shift towards focusing more on e-commerce rather than physical stores. It is important to note that Walmart made a massive investment of $16 billion in 2018 to acquire a majority stake in Flipkart, India’s leading online marketplace. This investment shows Walmart’s strong belief in the potential of India’s e-commerce sector.

While the opening of new wholesale stores may slow down, Walmart is expected to prioritize increasing sales through business-to-business and retail e-commerce. Additional executives were reportedly let go last week, with the possibility of more being affected in the coming days.

In response to these changes, Walmart issued a statement to India’s Economic Times newspaper, highlighting its continuous efforts to operate more effectively. The company stated that this includes reviewing their corporate structure to better align with the needs of their members.

Walmart currently has approximately 600 employees at its India head office out of a total of around 5,300 employees nationwide, according to one source.

As Walmart continues to face challenges in the Indian market, it remains committed to finding new avenues for growth and adapting its operations accordingly.

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