Canadian luxury brand Want Les Essentiels has recently been acquired by Quartz Co., the winter coat brand owned by the Robert brothers. Want Les Essentiels, which is renowned for its impeccably crafted bags, shoes, and accessories, was previously owned by Byron and Dexter Peart, who sold their stake in the company back in 2017. Going forward, the Robert brothers will be responsible for managing the brand, with ambitions to elevate it to new heights while maintaining its dedication to quality, responsible design, and functionality.

Jean-Philippe Robert, the president of Quartz Co., has expressed his admiration for Want Les Essentiels and its exceptional flagship products. He considers this acquisition as an opportunity to strengthen Quartz Co.’s position in the premium clothing and accessories market. Although the brands have undergone this acquisition, they will continue to operate separately, with the Robert brothers overseeing all aspects of Want Les Essentiels’ operations, including design, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution.

Quartz Co. has witnessed significant growth in recent years, experiencing a three-fold increase in sales and achieving a year-over-year growth rate of 40% since 2015. The brand’s winter coats, which are meticulously crafted in Québec, are currently available in over 15 countries through prominent fashion retailers and outdoor stores. Mark Wiltzer, managing partner of Mark Edwards Group and co-founder of Want Les Essentiels, believes that the Robert brothers’ expertise in the fashion and luxury industry will undoubtedly drive the growth of this iconic Montréal brand.

The acquisition of Want Les Essentiels by Quartz Co. presents an exciting opportunity for both brands. With the Robert brothers taking charge, Want Les Essentiels is poised for continued success and worldwide recognition. By integrating the current team in Montréal and assuming control of all operations, their unwavering focus on quality, responsible design, and functionality will ensure the enduring appeal of this luxury brand in the global market.

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