Warpaint London, a well-known British beauty specialist renowned for its popular W7 and Technic brands, has pleasantly surprised itself with an impressive performance in the fourth quarter (Q4). As a result, the company now anticipates that its full-year 2022 results will exceed its previous forecasts. Initially, the company projected sales of at least £61 million for the year ending on December 31, compared to £50 million in the previous year. However, due to exceptionally strong trading in Q4, Warpaint London now expects sales to reach around £64 million.

Furthermore, the company foresees a significant rise in adjusted EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization), which is expected to reach approximately £11.8 million, up from £7.6 million in the previous year. Additionally, adjusted pre-tax profit is anticipated to increase to approximately £10 million, compared to £6.9 million in the previous year. These updated forecasts not only surpass market expectations but also exceed the company’s own previous guidance.

Notably, Warpaint London boasts a robust financial position, having cash balances of £5.8 million with no debt at the end of the year, in comparison to £4.1 million the previous year. Sam Bazini, the CEO of Warpaint London, expressed his delight at the group’s exceptional performance in 2022. He highlighted the strong sales growth achieved in the United States and online, as well as improvements in margins year-on-year. With these positive indicators, Bazini expects the company to maintain its strong performance throughout 2023.

The final results for the year will be released in April, providing a comprehensive overview of Warpaint London’s highly successful performance in 2022.

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