In a strategic move to further strengthen its growth trajectory, Warpaint London has announced the extension of its advisory contract with Ward & Hagon Management Consulting. The contract, which was set to expire in January 2022, has now been extended for an additional 24 months until January 1, 2024.

As the proud owner of renowned cosmetics and skincare brands, W7 and Technic, Warpaint London has successfully implemented its strategic growth plan with the assistance of Ward & Hagon. Throughout this year, the consulting firm played a crucial role in helping the company secure product listings and expand its distribution network within the UK. Moreover, Ward & Hagon formulated effective growth strategies for Warpaint London’s expansion plans in the US and China, while also providing valuable insights into digital marketing initiatives.

The renewed contract between Warpaint London and Ward & Hagon is valued at £380,000 over the next two years. The services of Ward & Hagon’s Paul Hagon, who also serves as an executive director at Warpaint London, and Martyn Ward, along with their team, will be retained throughout this period. In addition to their base fee, Ward & Hagon will receive a commission of 3% on all sales generated from their introductions within the first year, followed by a 4% commission on subsequent sales. Further, they will earn a 3% commission on all Tesco sales for the next two years.

To acknowledge the success of their collaboration and align their interests with shareholders, Ward & Hagon have been granted options to purchase 200,000 ordinary shares of 25p each in Warpaint London. These options can be exercised anytime between three and ten years after their grant date, with an exercise price set at 127.5 pence per share, mirroring the closing mid-market price on March 1.

The board of Warpaint London perceives the services provided by Ward & Hagon as highly valuable, contributing significantly to the achievement of the company’s short-term goals. Moving forward, Ward & Hagon will continue to focus on assisting Warpaint London in accessing new retail channels both in the UK and internationally, as they navigate through their strategic growth plan.

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