Warpaint London, the company behind the popular W7 beauty brand, has struck a significant partnership with a leading UK supermarket group, although the specific supermarket has not been disclosed. This collaboration is seen as a major win for Warpaint as supermarkets have become key players in the affordable makeup market in recent years. Under the agreement, Warpaint will be able to sell over 100 W7 branded products in more than 50 stores across the UK. To enhance visibility, the products will be displayed in customized units located in the cosmetics aisles.

The company views this partnership as a crucial move in their strategy to increase their market share in the UK by expanding into new retail outlets. In addition to this deal, Warpaint is currently engaged in detailed discussions with other major UK retailers to stock their products, which would further bolster their operations in the country.

In its recent trading update, Warpaint revealed that it expects a slight increase in revenue for 2019, forecasting revenue of £49.3 million. The adjusted profit before tax is anticipated to be approximately £5.2 million, excluding one-off items totaling around £2.8 million. This is in comparison to last year, which saw revenue growth of over 49% to reach £48.5 million, with an adjusted pre-tax profit of £8.3 million. The company’s profit in the year before that stood at £7.7 million.

To support its strategic growth plans, Warpaint has enlisted the services of Ward & Hagon Management Consulting. This consulting firm will provide additional resources and help the company access new retail channels, with a specific focus on expanding its market share in the UK and growing its business in the USA. Paul Hagon, a non-executive director of Warpaint and partner at Ward & Hagon, will assume the role of Interim Strategy and Business Development Director, while Martyn Ward, another partner at Ward & Hagon, will take on the position of Interim Commercial and Transformation Director. Both individuals possess extensive experience in the retail and wholesale sectors, having worked with renowned suppliers to develop and implement successful business plans, sales, and marketing strategies.

Overall, this recent partnership with a UK supermarket group and the appointment of Ward & Hagon Management Consulting clearly demonstrate Warpaint’s dedication to expanding its market presence and boosting its performance in the beauty industry. With ongoing discussions with other major retailers and a focus on both the UK and US markets, the company is poised for continued growth and success.

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