Watches of Switzerland, the renowned luxury watch specialist, has announced its plans to reopen its stores in England on Monday, implementing a unique appointment-only system. This distinct approach is intriguing as the company is likely to face fewer challenges with regards to social distancing and hygiene compared to other retailers. However, this strategy perfectly aligns with the exclusive nature of their high-priced products.

To visit Watches of Switzerland, Mappin & Webb, and Goldsmiths showrooms, customers will need to contact their nearest showroom or use the online enquiry form to schedule an appointment. While walk-in appointments will still be permitted, the majority of visits will now be by appointment only.

While Watches of Switzerland has already reopened all of its Mayors showrooms in the US and its showrooms in Las Vegas, it plans to open showrooms in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and UK airports at a later date.

The decision to implement an appointment-only system is aimed at effectively managing in-store footfall and ensuring the safety and comfort of both staff and clients. Each showroom will have a maximum occupancy level based on its size and the number of available staff members to assist clients.

Brian Duffy, the CEO of Watches of Switzerland, recognizes the significant impact that the lockdown period has had on their business. Nevertheless, it has also presented them with new opportunities for growth. In April alone, the company experienced a remarkable 82.8% year-on-year growth in its e-commerce business. They have also been utilizing tools like Zoom to maintain strong relationships with VIP clients, showcasing products, and facilitating direct deliveries to them.

Duffy expresses his optimism that as they gradually reopen their stores, Watches of Switzerland is well positioned to drive the business forward and emerge even stronger. Their unique approach to appointments, coupled with their focus on e-commerce and personalized customer experiences, sets them apart in the luxury retail market. By prioritizing the safety and comfort of their clients and staff, they are setting a noteworthy example for the industry during these challenging times.

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