Wes Gordon, the artistic director of Carolina Herrera, recently achieved great success with his latest show, despite the ongoing pandemic. The show showcased the brand’s innovative and fresh take on uptown classical style, and Gordon managed to pull it off by organizing an intimate event inside a beautiful Upper East Side mansion. In a recent interview, he shared his experience of becoming a new father and organizing a show amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Just three months ago, Gordon and his partner welcomed their baby boy, Henry, into the world. As a designer, show producer, and now a father, Gordon has been incredibly busy juggling his multiple responsibilities. However, despite the hectic schedule, he was able to create a magnificent show with a limited audience of 100 people, ensuring the safety and comfort of everyone attending.

The decision to limit the audience size allowed Gordon to explore new venues, and he chose an art gallery on the Upper East Side for the show. The show was divided into four rooms, offering a more intimate setting, and each guest had their own individual chair instead of bench seating. All attendees, including models, staff, and audience members, were required to be vaccinated, and masks were mandatory for everyone except the models.

The fashion industry has undergone significant changes due to the pandemic, with fewer social events and gatherings. Gordon explained that during this time, he engaged in conversations with customers to better understand their needs. His aim was to provide thrilling and glamorous clothing options that would make women feel amazing, whether it was through formal dresses or more casual cotton pieces. As the world slowly returns to normal, there is a growing excitement and passion for getting dressed up and attending social events.

In addition to focusing on designs, Carolina Herrera is also prioritizing sustainability. With each season, the brand is making significant progress in this area. Gordon expressed his pride in implementing sustainable initiatives throughout the company. The brand has also recently ventured into e-commerce and beauty products, aiming to establish clear brand codes of boldness, color, and exuberance.

Carolina Herrera is part of the Puig family’s portfolio, which includes other renowned brands like Jean-Paul Gaultier, Paco Rabanne, and Dries Van Noten. Gordon spoke highly of the deep reverence that the Puig family has for Mrs. Herrera and her legacy, which serves as an inspiration in his role as artistic director. He sees it as his responsibility to carry forward the values and principles of the house while making them relevant to a new generation of customers.

Gordon’s design approach is heavily influenced by the women in his life and their individual senses of style. He strives to create designs that emanate spirit, energy, and confidence, ensuring that the Herrera woman always stands out in any crowd. Despite bringing a slightly younger perspective to the brand, Gordon ensures that loyal Herrera clients continue to find pieces they love, while also attracting new customers.

Finally, Gordon attended the Met Gala and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Despite some criticism surrounding the event, he appreciated the opportunity to be among people who cared about their appearance and had a good time. Overall, Gordon’s ability to adapt and thrive in challenging circumstances is a testament to his talent and dedication to the Carolina Herrera brand.

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