Westfield Stratford City, the owner of Westfield shopping centre, has filed a lawsuit against Boots for failing to pay rent during the lockdown. The legal action seeks to recover the unpaid rent that Boots withheld during the closure period.

Court documents obtained by The Daily Telegraph reveal that Boots is arguing for the same treatment as non-essential retailers who were forced to close their doors. Despite being permitted to remain open, Boots made the decision to temporarily shutter approximately 100 smaller stores in less busy areas during the lockdown. Additionally, Boots closed most of its Boots Opticians and Hearingcare stores and its revenue-generating beauty halls until mid-June.

The impact on Boots’ sales was significant, with a 50% decrease in revenue in the three months leading up to June compared to the previous year. Consequently, the company announced a major restructuring plan in July, resulting in over 4,000 job losses across its head office, store teams, and Opticians teams.

This legal dispute sheds light on the financial pressures faced by retailers during the lockdown. While some businesses were able to continue operating with reduced footfall and sales, others faced significant challenges due to temporary closures and reduced consumer spending. As landlords attempt to recoup rent payments, tenants may seek flexibility and understanding considering the exceptional circumstances of the pandemic.

The outcome of this case and its effects on other retailers and landlords remains to be seen. As the retail industry navigates the aftermath of the pandemic, disputes over rent payments and contractual obligations will be closely monitored by industry insiders and consumers alike. The ruling in this legal action could establish a precedent for future similar cases, shaping the way landlords and tenants handle rent payments in a post-pandemic world.

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