In a recent YouTube video by British Vogue, model Lila Moss takes us on an intimate journey through the contents of her everyday bag. As she reveals the carefully curated items that accompany her on a daily basis, it becomes evident that each piece holds a special place in her life.

At the core of Moss’s bag organization is a sleek card holder, ensuring that her essentials are easily accessible. This practical choice reflects her on-the-go lifestyle in the fast-paced world of fashion.

Polaroid pictures of significant people in Moss’s life bring a sentimental touch to her bag. These snapshots provide a portable gallery of cherished memories, creating a bridge between her professional and personal worlds. Two camera bags that will make you love carrying it around!

“If I could fit one person in my bag, probably my mum, she’s fun, she’s good at advice”

Hand sanitizers—a modern must-have reflecting her commitment to hygiene in the fast-paced world of fashion. The inclusion underscores Moss’s practical approach and highlights the fusion of style and contemporary necessities in her daily life.

The inclusion of an air tag emphasizes Moss’s practical approach to safeguarding her belongings, an essential consideration in the world of high-profile fashion where every detail matters. This subtle yet crucial addition reflects her awareness of the importance of security.

The “perfect” perfume from Marc Jacobs. This olfactory choice signifies Moss’s attention to detail and her dedication to a well-rounded personal presentation. The Marc Jacobs perfume becomes an aromatic signature, subtly enhancing her fashion-forward identity throughout the day.

Moss’s bag houses a carefully curated selection of beauty products, a testament to her dedication to maintaining a polished appearance. These items mirror her role as a fashion icon and underscore the significance of self-presentation in the industry.

Ray Ban’s are an essential in Lila’s bag. Why? Because they fit with everything, she says.