What is Clubhouse?

Putting it simply, Clubhouse is a mix between Houseparty, Conference Calls and Talkback Radio.

It’s an app that allows people to interact with each others by opening (creating) new “conference rooms”.
A user (or group of users) can schedule and open a new room of conversation. Each room will have a subject to talk about. This can include topics on Economics, Politics, Social Media, Influencers, Startups or Entrepreneurship.

Once you join the app, you’ll be asked the topics you’re the most interested in. The more topics you give, the more suggestions the app will give, showing you a large list of rooms and people to follow and listen to.

Unlike Twitch, in which live streamed videos can stay on the platform, Clubhouse live chats vanish as soon as room moderators decide to end the chat (even though people can still record the live talks).

How Can I Get Access to Clubhouse?

In order to join Clubhouse, users have to be referred. You need only one invite. If you are invited, you’ll receive a link to your phone number which will direct you to the sign-up page on the app.

Existing users have 2 invites to start with, but this can increase to 5 invites.