White Mountain Footwear Group is entering into a new licensing agreement with Mirage Fashion Group, a global outerwear company. According to the agreement, Mirage Fashion Group will be responsible for distributing a range of rain, lightweight, and heavyweight outerwear for the White Mountain and Cliffs brands. The first collections are expected to launch in the fall of 2023 and will be available at various retailers including Kohls.com, Burlington, Sierra Trading, TJX, and outdoor retailers.

The outerwear line will include a variety of raincoats, puffer jackets, vests, and ski pants for women, men, and kids. Looking ahead to the fall of 2024, the brands plan to introduce three-in-one jackets and ski jackets for both men and women. Jack Hara, president of Mirage Fashion Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, noting that their team’s expertise in designing and producing high-quality outerwear will bring a fresh perspective to the White Mountain and Cliffs brands while staying true to their authenticity and core values.

This collaboration marks an expansion for White Mountain beyond its established presence in women’s footwear. The brand has recently joined forces with Iconic Footwear and Legwear Concepts to offer a range of slippers, hanging flip-flops, socks, legwear, and hosiery for men, women, and kids starting in the fall of 2023. Cynthia Nixon, executive vice president of licensing and brand development, expressed her excitement about this new chapter for White Mountain. She believes that venturing into the outerwear category is an exciting progression for a brand that has been recognized for its quality footwear over the past four decades.

The White Mountain and Cliffs brands embody a sense of adventure and lifestyle, making them a perfect fit for the introduction of an outerwear line. Nixon is confident that the brand’s commitment to comfort, affordability, and timeless style will seamlessly translate into this new venture, providing customers with a complete head-to-toe experience they can rely on.

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