White Stuff, the popular lifestyle brand, has announced impressive sales figures for the Christmas trading season. In the nine weeks leading up to December 31, the company experienced a significant 16% increase in total sales compared to the same period the previous year. This growth was driven by strong sales both in-store, which saw a remarkable 25% increase, and online, which saw an 8% rise. This is particularly noteworthy as many other retailers struggled with declining online sales.

One of the key factors behind White Stuff’s success during this period was the high demand for knitwear, which saw particularly strong sales. The company also saw a resurgence in the popularity of partywear featuring luxurious velvet and dazzling sequins, which proved to be a hit with shoppers.

CEO Jo Jenkins credits the positive response from customers, both in-store and online, to the brand’s product offerings and direction for the company’s successful performance. However, Jenkins expresses caution about the future due to the ongoing pressure of the cost-of-living crisis in the UK.

As White Stuff approaches its 40th anniversary, the company remains a force in the retail industry. It currently operates 125 stores and has 55 concessions in popular retailers like John Lewis. Additionally, White Stuff has concessions in Germany and Belgium and reaches an international customer base through its website and wholesale partnerships.

Despite the challenges faced by the retail industry as a whole, White Stuff’s strong performance over the holiday season demonstrates the appeal of its products and the loyalty of its customers. The company’s commitment to a multi-channel business transformation will be crucial in navigating the uncertainties of the year ahead and maintaining its success.

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