Renowned fashion designer, Yohji Yamamoto, has recently unveiled his latest venture, Wildside Yohji Yamamoto. This new brand transcends the boundaries of traditional fashion by incorporating collaborations across various disciplines, including art, interior design, and lifestyle. While currently only accessible online, a flagship store for Wildside is scheduled to open in Japan this fall.

Remaining true to Yamamoto’s distinct aesthetic, Wildside is characterized by its signature color, black. However, the brand is about more than just fashion. It aims to embody the essence of Yohji Yamamoto by blending elements from military, work, and sports with casual flair. The overall collection is intended to be unisex, although initial promotional materials have primarily featured female models. The brand places great emphasis on modern customization and functionality in its designs.

Additionally, Wildside has forged partnerships with several prominent Japanese brands for its inaugural collaborations. These collaborations include Needles, Noma td, Hysteric Glamour, Ambush, and Minedenim. By working with these brands, Wildside demonstrates its commitment to exploring different creative realms and extending its influence beyond the fashion industry.

Beyond fashion, Wildside has also joined forces with galleries and artists closely associated with Yohji Yamamoto Inc. For example, the Akio Nagasawa Gallery will exhibit photographs of Tadao Ando’s architecture captured by photographer Takay. The Taka Ishii Gallery will showcase the work of photographer Daido Moriyama through his series ‘Tights,’ as well as highlight drawings by painter Tomoo Gokita. Additionally, a unique painting by contemporary artist Takeru Amano, specially created for Wildside, will soon be available.

The online platform for Wildside aims to provide more than just a space to purchase products. It will heavily feature content, including interviews and articles that delve into the collaborating brands. This dedication to delivering meaningful and engaging content aligns with Yamamoto’s vision of creating a holistic experience for his customers.

Overall, the launch of Wildside Yohji Yamamoto marks an exciting new chapter for the legendary designer. With its multidisciplinary approach and emphasis on collaborations, the brand seeks to blur the boundaries between fashion, art, and lifestyle. By consistently pushing boundaries and reinventing himself, Yohji Yamamoto continues to solidify his reputation as an icon in the fashion industry.

For more information on Wildside Yohji Yamamoto, visit their official website here.

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