Yours Clothing has made a significant acquisition by purchasing the struggling specialist sizes brand, Long Tall Sally (LTS). This move ensures that LTS will continue to serve tall women who have difficulty finding clothing that fits them properly. While Yours Clothing caters to larger sizes through its own label and other brands, LTS specifically focuses on providing options for tall women.

The acquisition was carried out by AK Retail, led by Yours Clothing’s chief, Andrew Killingsworth. The deal includes the online business and intellectual property of LTS, but does not involve any physical stores. However, Killingsworth has not ruled out the possibility of entering physical retail in the future. In the meantime, LTS will continue to operate as an online brand.

This acquisition is strategically important for Yours Clothing, as the market for specialist sizes is often overlooked by mainstream retailers, despite a high demand. By acquiring LTS, Yours aims to tap into the untapped potential of this market and provide more options for customers.

In addition to securing the future of the LTS brand, this acquisition also brings opportunities for job growth. Up to 30 new jobs and opportunities will be created at Yours Clothing’s headquarters in Peterborough as the company works to develop and expand the LTS brand.

LTS was previously owned by TriStyle Mode GmbH, based in Germany. The brand had nine stores in the UK, as well as 16 in Germany and North America. Unfortunately, these physical stores were closed down in 2018 and 2019. AK Retail plans to revive and rejuvenate LTS, aiming to meet the needs of customers by providing them with the products and services they require.

The official takeover of the LTS brand by AK Retail is scheduled for September 1. This news is a relief for customers who had anticipated the brand being phased out.

Yours Clothing has experienced growth in recent periods, although sales did suffer during the UK lockdown. The company currently employs 1,200 people at its Peterborough headquarters.

Overall, the acquisition of Long Tall Sally by Yours Clothing signifies a positive step forward for the specialist sizes market. Initially focusing on online retail, there is potential for further development and expansion of the brand in the future. Customers can look forward to more options and opportunities for tall women to find suitable clothing, thanks to AK Retail’s commitment to the brand.

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