Zadig & Voltaire, the popular French fashion label, has announced its ambitious goal of achieving a revenue of €550 million by 2025. The company’s managing director, Rémy Baume, shared this target at the company’s headquarters in Paris, revealing the brand’s strategic plans for the future.

Zadig & Voltaire has traditionally been tight-lipped about its financial results and future plans, making this announcement a significant departure for the fashion label. Baume disclosed that the sales for the 2020-21 financial year reached €359 million, a slight increase from the previous year’s sales of around €350 million. The company’s consolidated revenue amounted to €292 million.

To fulfill its ambitious revenue target, Zadig & Voltaire outlined several key strategies. Baume emphasized the brand’s unique positioning and identity, which centers around embracing freedom of spirit and offering relaxed luxury. This distinctive appeal has allowed the label to maintain its primary clientele of individuals aged between 35 and 55, while also attracting younger consumers aged 15 to 25.

One of the factors that sets Zadig & Voltaire apart from its competitors is its focus on providing style products rather than merely being a label or fashion project. Baume highlighted that customers have the freedom to create their own style using the brand’s diverse range of items, such as distressed leather products, lace dresses, and cashmere sweaters. This approach resonates with the growing trend of “relaxed luxury,” which appeals to both Gen Z and Millennial consumers.

With a goal to strengthen its online presence, Zadig & Voltaire aims to increase online sales to 30% of its total business by 2025. Currently, online sales contribute to 21% of the label’s total sales, showing a steady increase from €31 million in 2019 to €61 million in 2021. However, the brand remains committed to maintaining a strong physical retail presence, with physical stores projected to account for 60% of its sales. The label currently operates 400 monobrand stores worldwide, and while France and Spain are considered mature markets, there is still room for growth in many European and American cities. Baume stressed the significance of having a retail network that aligns with the brand’s creative style and caters to a premium clientele.

Expanding its foothold in Asia, particularly in China, is a priority for Zadig & Voltaire. Presently, the Chinese market contributes less than 5% of the brand’s revenue. However, the label recently acquired its former local partner IT Group’s stake in the joint-venture company responsible for distributing the brand in China. This move aims to strengthen the brand’s presence in China, with plans to increase the number of stores from 16 to 60 within four years. Moreover, Zadig & Voltaire is exploring opportunities to expand its presence on local e-commerce platforms.

In terms of product development, Zadig & Voltaire is focusing on two key areas. The label aims to enhance its accessories range, specifically handbags and clutch bags, which currently constitute 35% of its revenue. The objective is for accessories to account for 50% of the brand’s revenue by 2025. Additionally, Zadig & Voltaire is deeply committed to enhancing its sustainability strategy. The brand is actively working on improving the practices of its fewer than 100 suppliers and ensuring that all key raw materials are sustainably sourced. This commitment aligns with the VoltAIRe strategy, which aims to meet customer expectations and foster progress and education within the company.

With a strategic roadmap in place, Zadig & Voltaire is poised for significant growth and success in the years ahead. The brand’s focus on style products, digital expansion, physical retail presence, and sustainability reflects its commitment to meeting consumer demands while staying true to its core identity. By effectively executing its plans, Zadig & Voltaire aims to achieve its revenue target of €550 million by 2025.

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