Zalando, the German fashion e-commerce giant, is taking a significant step forward in providing more control and engagement opportunities to brands with the introduction of Brand Homes. This new feature allows brands to share genuine content, curate collections, and interact with their followers on the platform, ultimately increasing customer engagement and the time spent on the Zalando website.

With Brand Homes, partner brands now have the ability to curate and manage their brand and collections on Zalando. This gives them more virtual real estate to share their brand stories and showcase relevant content and collections. Brands that focus on adding high-quality content to the Zalando experience will be rewarded with organic growth in their followership.

Customers can personalize their experience by following their favorite brands, and the content curated by these brands will be displayed not only on the Brand Homes page but also throughout the customer journey. This makes it easier for customers to discover new brands that align with their interests and stay updated on the latest collections and campaigns.

The launch of Brand Homes also includes a content management tool that simplifies the process for brands to modify their content and curate specific collections. Brands can choose the products they want to showcase, such as a particular category like sneakers, a specific campaign, a theme, or a topic like sustainability. Zalando’s Brand Homes operations team ensures that everything, from image selection to product inventory, runs smoothly before it goes live.

In addition, the system empowers brands to monitor the performance of their content across different countries and product groups on Zalando. This valuable insight enables them to optimize their strategies and tailor their approach based on the specific preferences and behaviors of customers in different markets.

Christoph Lütke Schelhowe, Zalando’s VP Demand – Customer Acquisition & Engagement, underlines the significance of brands in customers’ lives, revealing that millions of customers already visit Zalando daily, spending an average of 80 minutes per month on the platform. By offering brands more visibility and opportunities to engage with customers through Brand Homes, Zalando aims to make it even more enticing for customers to regularly visit the site.

Ultimately, Zalando’s introduction of Brand Homes demonstrates their commitment to enhancing the customer experience and strengthening their relationship with partner brands. By providing brands with the necessary tools and platform to curate content and engage with their followers in meaningful ways, Zalando positions itself as a valuable and collaborative partner in the fashion e-commerce industry.

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